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Textile Ink

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Yes, we are often asked from many clients that we want to buy a printer that can print on tshirt, phone case, glass and so on, and we wondered whether your printer can do it or not . For this question, we choose to keep our answers and explain you something about the inks.

Textile ink is the water-based ink, which can only print on textile, such as T-shirt, cotton, jean, and other fibrics. In other words, textile inks are only for t-shirt or cloth.If printing on black t-shirt, you also need to spray the primer first, then print the texitle white ink , and finally print the images you have selected. So if using this ink printing on phone case, metal, glass, crystal and other materials except t-shirt, the print quality will be not stable.

However, uncoated ink and UV ink are oil-based ink, which is widely used in many materials, and this ink is water proof, scratched proof, and UV proof. So back to the questions above, we have flatbed printers for t-shirt printing, phone case printing, crystal printing,leather printing. The difference is that you can not use one printer for printing on t-shirt and other materials at the same time. So you'd better buy two printer, one for t-shirt ,the other for other any flat materials.

If you want to get more details about the textile ink and t-shirt printing, please leave you emails and full name, we will give prompt response for you.Thank you.

Ink color: Textile Ink, C,M,Y,K/ C,M,Y,K + 4W

Printable fabrics: t-shirts, and jeans,handkerchief, etc.

Packing: 5 colors, 150ml/bottle, 8bottles/set