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Uncoated Printer Reviews Reveal The Best Options


In the printing world, various types of printers can achieve the goals you desire and most consumers are aware of standard printers that perform most of these duties. For specialty prints, it is required to use a printer that suits these requirements. This would be the case when looking for uncoated prints.

Why Bother With An Uncoated Printer?

All around the world, printers are asked by designers to use uncoated paper and the inks associated with them. Even though this is so, one would be hard pressed to find more information about this. It's like a lost art to most for those who understand it, incredible colors can be obtained using uncoated paper so thus why it is still popular.

In order to get this level of quality on a professional and consistent enough level, one must invest or work with the best quality uncoated printers. All the required settings to print the fine details that are requested to get the best end results are mostly built in.

Most people have been exposed to what glossy papers and even the so-called uncoated papers which really are matte and that technically is still a coated stock. Bond or writing paper is closer to the type of papers you can best compare to what can be more commonly referred to as uncoated.

Without any coated layer, this type of paper is much more absorbent and inks from the machine will blend more. Again, this also depends on the skill of the designer since they are acutely aware of this phenomenon and incorporate it skillfully into their designs to harness the full spectrum of colors available and the beauty of the final outcome.

Access to a trustworthy uncoated printer at your disposal gives you the grandest opportunity for achieving your goals. Gateway Technology Industry Co. offers multiple options in this category and the premium standard of the industry. From uncoated to mobile case printing, to t-shirts, and digital flatbed machines, we manufacture them all.

Peruse our full printer catalog and you will see that all machines have been fully tested for long periods of operation to ensure the highest quality and we are confident they can withstand the demands for most work loads you require.

Contact us today through our various mediums such as email, phone, or our online form to find out more details so we can point you in the direction of the printer you need.