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Mobile Phone Case Printer


If you own a smart phone, then you already know that mobile phones are not just a fad anymore. There are more people in the world who own a phone than there are people who own a computer and savvy business owners understand how this information can pertain to them.

Mobile Phone Case Printers Are Good For Business

For those in the printing industry, the obvious way to capitalize on this is to utilize mobile phone case printers that offer the most flexibility in styles, and that accommodate all the various phone cases that come to market.

There are phone case jigs available for popular brand cases like iPhone 5, iPhone 4, Samsung, HTC and Blackberry to make it easier as well to print from quantities starting at 15 pieces all the way to 70 pieces every hour. With table sizes up to 10" x 24", it is simple to print multiple passes in combination with the jig for convenience. The light weight of the printer itself also makes it very convenient to own for personal use as well.

Used properly with the right material and fully customizing one's mobile cover is a simple process. Mobile phone case covers that are made of silicone for example provide the best material to print stuff with.

Direct jet UV LED printers are our specialty and allows for photo quality type images and logos to be printed in high resolution on your phone cases. You are only limited by your imagination!

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