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Success Stories

1.Santiago Romano(GM) from Texas,United States

On Jan 2014, this company bought FB3368 A1 Size LED UV Printer from us and exhibited on Graphic of Americas and ISA International Sign Expo. in USA. Their uv printing solution attracts different customers all over the world. And their printing effects bear the palm on exhibitions. We also dispatched our experienced engineers for door to door technical support. We both parties will sign the contract for exclusive distribution of this company in the USA, Mexico and Central America.

This company is part of a group of companies both in the US and Mexico with more than 65 years in the market which is a really reliable company. Their main business is the sale of products that helps us protect and customize our presentations. For that purpose they have hard covers, soft covers, binding machines, laminators, etc. They start printing because is related with what they are doing and because it gives an added value to their products. Instead of being a flat cover, it has the logo of a company, project, picture of the family, etc. Also they are in a city full of different cultural, sport, music and different events that can help us to do more sales of these customized products. So with printers they can print not just normal products but also Iphone cases, glass and lots of other products people would like to customize. People day by day want to have unique items or products and that is when machines like ours help to do these unique customizations.

Some comments of Santiago Romano(GM) from this company:

We made a research of different options and after that we decide that your company offers a good relation cost - benefits for what we are looking to start this new line of printing customization. Your printers have been already been promoted and what we are doing is work with a dealer network and also we are going directly with customers in Texas to promote your printers.Lots of samples were already sent to customers to show the capability of machine and we are on the process of following up since as with any new product people have questions. Also we made flyers and some samples showing prices if printing one or many layers so customers can see the raising effect. We are going to upload some videos on our webpage so that help customers to understand capability of the printer.

Your after sales service is good. Your company is organized and one of the advantage is that your technicians and sales people are normally helping us even if it is really late at our local time.

2. Jean from France

This customer is from France who owns a company,mainly selling advertising equiptments and providing one stop advertising solutions. In their products range,they're selling silk screen printers,laser machines,also our digital printing machines.

In the very early of 2005,the digital printing technology is still very new in China. In the Shanghai Advertising Exhibition of 2006,we met the GM of this company,whose name is Jean.When he stopped at our brooth,he was attracted by our digital printer. Since he knew silk screen printing very well,he felt surprise about our printing samples and showed great interest in our machines.He sat down and talked with our boss,he thought our products could expend his product range,also can provide a good solution for small customized printing orders.

After his return back and discussed with his technician team,they all agreed to try our digital printing machines and promote it in the local market. Jean decided to try our First Generation Model FB3100 digital flatbed printer which based on Epson R1290 with 6 colors. Our business relationship started from 2006 untill now.

During our friendly cooperation of 7 years,they have sold our machines more than 400 units untill now. Started from digital flatbed printer FB3100,FB3200,till nowFB3300,FB3304,FB3368UV,FB1810UV.Thanks to their professional team,they get a good reputation from the customers and provide good after sales service locally.

In the past few years,Jean & his team give us a lot of suggestions to improve our current models,also cooperate with us to develop the newest models.Thanks to them,we have a certain market in France, Europe.

After all these years,Our company Gateway have faith that our products can reach the Europe Standard,also have experience to provide service to Europe Companies.

In the future,sincerely hope we can cooperate with any company who interests in becoming our agent,we grow together and improve together.

3.Daryl Gooley from Germany

This customer from Germany who owns a printing company and trading company which mainly reselling printing machines. They started their printing business since 1993. They have a good knowledge of printing,also have a strong technical team.

They started to contact Gateway about our newest UV models in June, 2012. We feel honored to have them to visit our booth in Shanghai in July, 2012. After their visiting & comparing with other suppliers during the Trade Show, finally they decide to select Gateway and order 3 units of different printers on site.They start to cooperate with Gateway since then.

After they return to Germany, they make a website for our printers and start to promote our printers inGermany market. Since our user manual is easy to understand & the printer is easy to operate, they can operate our machines very well with our online technical support.

They have promoted our printers in Viscom 2012 & PSI 2013 Trade Show.They have a good shot there and get lots of orders for us since then. We have a strong business relationship with them and our business still continue…

4.Hersson from Columbia

This customer name is Hersson who used to work in the laser company as a technician, he knows how to use & fix laser machines. Very often there are some customers request for printing & customizing their products, like pen, key chain, notebook and other promotion gift items.

In 2011, the laser company bought the first FB3304 A3 size digital uncoated printer from our company. Hersson got the 2 days full time training at our office, we taught him all details about the digital printing technology, including how to install & maintain the printer daily. Also we taught him how to do the coating on the special material, like glass, metal and crystal. After one year operating with our machine, he knows every detail of our machines.

In 2012, he did a market research and knew there is a big market for phone cases printing. so he decided to start his own business & provide the printing service. He decided quickly and took action to buy his ownFB3300 A3 size flatbed coating printer immediately.

From his ink & coating order records, we’re sure his business is becoming better and better in the future.

5.Erman from Kazakhstan

Mr. Erman from Kazakhstan, who bought our FB3338 A3 size UV flatbed printer in 2013.Erman own a big gift items company.In Jan,2013, he got a special order for bank card printer with logos.As the printing picture is complicated, so silk screen can not do this job.Firstly he found a supplier in China and ordered one printer, but they can not use the printer well after he received the printer from the factory.The printing result came out with big color difference, for example, they would like to print only black words, but output is blue words, so he try his best to ask the factory offer the solution to him, but there is no any response and technical support from the factory, only reply is the colleague quitted his job.

As the delivery time is near, so he search same machine from alibaba, we recommend our printers in detail and made him very impressive by email and phone, In April, he joined the Canton fair in Guangzhou.When he arrived at guangzhou, finished checking in at the hotel and he called me for visiting.After 2 hours sample testing and details introduction, he decided to buy our FB3338 A3 size UV flatbed printer.Our overseas technican taught and guided him in our company during that time.He is very satisfying with our printer and service.Finally he caught the delivery time and his printed card get a good feedback.Also he ask our technician to support him to solve his former printer from another factory.

6.Mr.JM from Argentina

Mr. JM from Argentina who own a food factory.As he need a printer to make the special food(chocolate,biscuit and cake) with unique design, he found us in 2011 and we offered our FB3860 A3 size food printer solution to him.With safe edible ink,the printing result is full of vitality.Our overseas technican taught him through internet how to install, operate, and maintain the printer.

After few months,Mr. JM launched his new products and got a good feedback from the market. He followed us to maintain the printer and there was no bigger problem of the printer.Day by day, his business was more and more better in 2012.One small printer could not meet with his marketing requirement, so finally the customer bought another new printer FB3360 A1 size flatbed printer and after few days installation, he used this printer for mass production.